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                    Our mission is to nurture, cultivate, and facilitate the advancement of all our clients.

Director of Talent Relations

Andrew Wilson

Andrew Wilson, Jr is the Director of Security and Communications for the Burke Management Firm. He is a decorated retired military veteran who had a distinguished career, having served in Operation Iraq Freedom I and III. As a part of his military career, he completed several missions overseas and developed excellent leadership skills, as well as the capacity to operate in hostile environments. He received several distinguished awards and medals from the United States Army for his acts of heroism and achievements. Andrew has a background in project management, communications, celebrity security, and real estate. He has finessed his career by successfully, completing the Master Firearm Specialist Training. His qualities include movie production, time management, keeping clients happy and safe, empowering others to make decisions and driving results. Andrew holds a Master’s Degree in Project Management and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration.