Meet Our Team

                    Our mission is to nurture, cultivate, and facilitate the advancement of all our clients.

Talent Relations Coordinator

Nicholas Reaves

Nicholas Reaves is the Talent Relations Coordinator for The Burke Management Firm based in  Atlanta, GA. Nick brings years of experience in the sports & entertainment industry ranging  from singers, athletes, and talent within the film industry. A native from Flint, MI where he calls  home, and developed a passion for wanting to help individuals grow themselves in their  respected careers. After graduating from Michigan State University with a Bachelor including a  proud member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc., and Central Michigan with a Master’s he  knew he would be impactful to any team dealing with client representation.  

Nick has an ear, and eye for Production Management, Talent Coordinating on many sets where  he is no stranger to assuring tasks get completed by any means necessary.  “When you are passionate about something, your reward, and performance will not go  unnoticed.”